Rebuilding Days

During Rebuilding Days, RTMD extends its impact on home health and safety. With large groups of volunteers gathered thanks to our dedicated sponsors, we complete dozens of critical home repairs on multiple homes and community centers within a single neighborhood. 

Many home repair needs are difficult to address with only a single volunteer or skilled contractor. On a Rebuilding Day, we tackle repairs that need more hands, such as ripping up carpet and installing laminate flooring, building ramps and installing exterior handrails, and adding a fresh coat of paint on the interior or exterior of a home. Rebuilding Days are a source of pride for all those involved, and truly transform the neighborhoods we work in. 

For 2020, RTMD has selected target neighborhoods in Denver County for Rebuilding Days. If your home has multiple large repair needs for healthy or safety concerns, please Contact us to discuss the application process.

Interested in sponsoring a Rebuilding Day? Click here for more info on how to get involved and make a difference for low-income homeowners. 

Wanna find out more about our Rebuilding Days? Click here!