Meet Jessica

Jessica has lived in her home for 15 years. Her life revolves around her children. From being her 8-year-old’s Girl Scout troop leader, to chasing after her growing 3-year-old, to working as a caregiver for her eldest son with autism, she is dedicated to giving them the best lives they can have. Her eldest daughter is also living with a developmental disability, and weekly visits to the doctor are the norm. One week ago, her hot water heater went out, and no matter where she’s turned, she has been unable to find help. Living on a limited income, Jessica has no money to spare, and must prioritize buying food and medications for her children. The water too cold for them, she heats up a bath as best she can, slowly mixing hot water from the stove with the freezing water from the faucets. Jessica wants her children to be able to take a warm bath – to feel normal.

Through RTMD's Safe at Home program and our amazing supporters, Jessica and her children finally have hot water again, with home once again feeling like home.