Meet Equilla

Objectively, there are few things more revolting than the sight of raw sewage backing up your own shower drain. This gruesome nightmare became a reality for 90-year-old Equilla in September 2016.

Equilla is a resilient woman; only retiring from her job as a traveling houseworker when health problems forced her at 84 years old. Despite living with a pacemaker and back problems requiring two surgeries, she lives alone with her lush collection of plants and flowers that she takes great pride in. She relies on daily visits from her grandson to assist with the few things she needs help with.

Even though she lives off of less than $600 per month, Equilla tried her hardest to fix the faulty sewer line that backed up with every toilet flush. She spent $2400 on repairs that didn’t stick! Out of money and options, Equilla’s family reached out to RTMD for help in March. The city of Denver itself had noticed the sewage spilling up through the yard; causing worry that Equilla might be forced to give up her home of 26 years. As soon as we got the first phone call, we began working on solutions and talking to city representatives to make sure Equilla wouldn’t be displaced. We dispatched professionals who repaired Equilla’s sewer, granting her peace of mind for the first time in months. “They were a blessing. They were God-sent,” she says, “Yes indeed.” Equilla’s family has also expressed gratitude. Her devoted grandson, Terrance, added, “You made our week, our year; everything.”