Join the [Re]Build Movement!

Our community revitalization partners are the corporations, foundations, congregations, and civic associations that are funding our mission to transform lives, improve homes, and revitalize communities in the Denver Metro Area. By investing in Rebuilding Together Metro Denver, your organization joins a network of allies dedicated to making a difference in the lives of low-income homeowners and the communities that we serve.

Sponsoring a Rebuilding Day

Sponsoring a Rebuilding Day is one of the most effective and direct ways to support the RTMD mission. Rebuilding Days are a wonderful opportunity for companies to enrich the lives of their employees, strengthen the team relationships, and positively impact the life and home of an older adult, veteran, or person living with a disability. These one-day projects produce a lasting impact toward the RTMD mission of providing a safe and healthy home for everyone. Whether through National Rebuilding Day in April and the Fall Rebuild-A-Thon or on a separate, individualized Team Build Rebuilding Day, it's an amazing way to give back to the communities we love and the people that make them so great.

Why Is a Donation Required? Teams contribute a tax-deductible donation (based on the size of your group ) to cover the costs of planning your Rebuilding Day, materials, tools, and supervision. This support also allows us to continue to provide home maintenance and repairs through our year-round programs for low-income seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities and their caregivers. Your partnership contribution is crucial in providing support to the metro area's most vulnerable individuals.

Partnering Without Volunteers
If you would like to become a community revitalization partner but do not have a team of volunteers, we can layer your funding on top of other partners’ support to ensure the highest level of impact. Partnership levels range in cost, depending on your area of interest and specific needs that exist in our communities. Please call us to discuss your interests!

Other Ways to Partner

Share Your Business Expertise – Do you have an expertise that you would like to share with RTMD? How about photography, videography, advertising, bookkeeping, special events planning, or social media? Leverage your expertise to help RTMD increase our knowledge base and reach so that we can help more homeowners in need.

Be an In-Kind Donor – The repair and renovation work on older homes, many in total disrepair, is a complex process. Skilled tradespeople are an integral part of the work that RTMD accomplishes and makes a profound difference in the lives of the vulnerable population we serve. Donating your knowledge and skills to RTMD is a very rewarding way to ensure a safe and healthy home for everyone.

Select RTMD as the Recipient of Your Fundraising Event – Proceeds raised through your annual golf tournament, silent auction, company raffles, hikes for a cause, etc., are an incredibly valuable means to support the RTMD mission. Monies appropriated to our programs and general operating needs dramatically increase RTMD’s opportunity to reach more homeowners who need our help.

Be Creative in Your Support! RTMD loves creativity and we pride ourselves in “out of the box” thinking!