Emergency Repair Program

Imagine waking up without running or hot water, heat on a cold day, or facing a backup of raw sewage. The first thing you'd do is pick up the phone and call for repairs, right? But what if you did not have the resources for much needed repairs. What would you do? 

Our Emergency Repair Program focuses on urgent home repairs for our clients, including heat, water and electrical repairs.

Our program stands apart due to our quick response – providing significant and urgent solutions most often within 48 hours. Restoring heat (through furnace repair and replacement), water (repairing and replacing water heaters, plumbing and sewer repairs), electricity (repairing and replacing circuits and wiring) and lights to vulnerable homeowners are the most significant and dramatic examples of our program. These critical repairs can keep families in their homes, avoiding health department or social service interventions. In 2016 the EHRP program we supported 32 families, and represented nearly half our work for the year

To facilitate our rapid response, in most cases, RTMD relies upon paid skilled professionals to complete the work. We have strong relationships with many licensed contractors, often providing in kind supplies and discounted labor, lessening our financial burden to make these repairs. While we would love to call upon volunteers for this program, the technical nature – requiring a current contractors’ license, and waiting for volunteers’ schedules to coincide with the homeowner’s would eliminate the efficient, turn-key aspects of the emergency repairs needed.

To be eligible for our Emergency Repair Program, homeowners must:

  • Reside in the seven-county Denver Metro Area
  • Own your own home
  • Live on a low income
  • Be either over age 60, a veteran, have a disability or be a caregiver to comeone with a disability.

To learn more about our Emergency Repair Program, please call (720) 524-0840